About Us

Cegeka Healthcare is a division of the Cegeka Group and offers software for (large) laboratories and hospitals. Its top product CorLabs is a modular and multisite ERP-system for medical-clinical laboratories. CorLabs allows labs to both follow the quick evolution in research technology and work on their budgetary efficiency.


The CorLabs suite is composed of 8 integrated modules. With the core module, CorLabs, customers manage the pre-analysis, organize technical work and communicate results. It results in a cost-effective and flexible automation of laboratories, with guaranteed performance, availability, stability, flexibility, integration, growth path, etc. Moreover, Cegeka helps its customers with a professional and technical service desk for legal changes, bug-fixing and updates.


CorLabs can be fully adapted to specific requirements using parameterization. Its single shared relational database guarantees maximum data availability and integrity.


CorLabs connects with various interfaces:

  • HL7 for numerous hospital information systems (HIS),
  • QC applications like QCToday, Unity-Pro, VQat, etcetera,
  • Validation systems (VALAB)
  • Epidemiological applications (SIRWeb, EpiCenter, etc.)


With CorLabs, Cegeka Healthcare is lab automation market leader in Switzerland and present in almost every country in Western Europe. CorLabs is available on premises or via the cloud (software-as-a-service ).

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