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Boasting over 30 years of experience, our ‘CorLabs’ lab management system has become the standard in clinical biology, in both private and hospital environments. See which customers are already using CorLabs.

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In the Swiss canton of Bern, hospitals have to organize themselves as a group. That requirement led to the creaton of Spital Netz Bern AG from a merger of five hospitals. They decided to use a single laboratory information systel to work efficiently and optimize the lab processes after the merger. Spital Netz Bern AG slected Corlabs, laboratory software developed by Belgian IT supplier Cegeka.

Viollier has rapidly grown into a highly-respected private laboratory with twenty locations in Switzerland. Its continuous growth in the healthcare industry require solid and intelligent IT systems. Viollier opted for Cegeka's Corlabs. The laboratory software is running on a central server at the company's headquarters, to which all laboratory locations are connected. They no longer have to send any records between the locations: the information can be accessed by all authorized individuals, which has resulted in enormous productivity gains.

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